COVID-19 Cases Statistics

There are currently 589,746,158 confirmed cases and 6,452,962 deaths from the Wuhan Novel COVID-19 (Coronavirus 2019-nCoV) outbreak as of 2022-08-14 05:20:07 UTC.

The condition of patients, according to the World Health Organization

(Feb. 7 press conference) and based on 17,000 cases in China:

  • 82% mild
  • 15% severe
  • 3% critical

The charts below show daily and total case trends. Data is added, and charts updated, after the close of the day (UTC).

The spike observed on Feb. 12 is the result, for the most part, of a change in diagnosis classification for which 13,332 clinically (rather than laboratory) confirmed cases were all reported as new cases on Feb. 12, even though they were diagnosed in the preceding days and weeks. We will distribute these cases over the correct period once the analysis being conducted by the WHO with China's NHC is completed.

Coronavirus Total Cases (worldwide)

Coronavirus Daily Cases (worldwide)